The time is now Democrats, time to show that you are not intimidated by Republicans, Democratic shill masters, Harvey Bilk, Puma’s, Birthers, TeaBaggers, Smurphy and her ilk, etc… It’s time to PASS THE DAMN BILL and send these assholes packing! Show them that it didn’t matter that Ted Kennedy’s seat was lost to a fake empty suit! Let them know that you stand by your principles and the principles of this party, that you will help those in need, those that are in most need, who cannot take care of themselves, those people who aren’t as fortunate as the people mentioned above. Rise above it all and show that we will not stand by while the puma heckle a poor man with Parkinsons who has done nothing wrong but ask to be treated with dignity and respect. Show the country that you have grown a pair and pass the bill this weekend, make History by caring for your fellow American who cannot care for themselves. Don’t listen to that vocal but very small majority of Puma teabaggers who have made no sense as they spread the lies of Fox news and Rush limpballs, go forward and make History, show them that they are wrong and they have always been wrong.


~ by donnabrazz on February 24, 2010.

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  1. glad to see you back 🙂

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