SHOW US THE MONEY (2009 year end report edition)

As usual I have to ask the Queen Puma the same question that has been asked since November of 2008, “Where are your FEC reports?” I mean you have a whole section dedicated to looking at Obama’s FEC filings, yet you cant even file yours in a timely manner, let alone file them at all. What are you hiding? Kind of hypocritical don’t cha think? I really shouldn’t be surprised though, it just goes to show the fraud that is, So whenever you have the time, I know it’s hard taking a break from thinking about which lie to feed your followers, please file the correct forms online as required, no filing using black crayon like last time, we will be waiting……

**personal info redacted as not to cause a shit storm for outing anyone or be accused of going off any kind of rails.


~ by Obotinchief on March 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “SHOW US THE MONEY (2009 year end report edition)”

  1. wow, thanks for this OIC, I had no idea they hadn’t filed their reports in such a long time, kinda makes you wonder what she does with all the donations?

  2. I do have to wonder why she even bothered registering a PAC? Why didn’t she just openly con her readers as per Mr D and Hillbuzz?

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