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I ran across an old link today which led me to the Texas radio station KPFT blog called KPFT notes. The subject of the blog that day was concerning a radio show hosted by Darragh Murphy and JenniforHillary of pumapac.org which resulted in a trainwreck of racism and bigotry. The two pumapac founders hosted the show cutting off callers, making inflammatory statements and constantly preaching about Obama as a Nazi and their fear of his organizing a group similar to Nazi Germany’s brown shirts, regular listeners of KPFT were appalled and disgusted by the overall tone of the show. What followed afterwards on the KPFT blog was an all out war of words between the PUMA and everyone else, it’s comedy gold! I will post a few comment lines but I urge you to click on this link and read the whole comment thread from beginning to end! Enjoy….

First a comment from JenniforHillary;

Dear Ernesto,

First, I am so very disappointed that you did not even take the time to verify your information. Party Unity my Ass is a group started by Will Bowers (I believe he is in California). Mr. Bowers also was upset with the DNP this year and their selection of Senator Obama and he has been on MSNBC, CNN, and many other forums discussing his group; in fact once he and Murphy, the founder of People United Means Action were on the same show if I am not mistaken. I think that you owe your viewers, and Mrs. Murphy, a clarification AND an apology as you and I went over this in great detail.

Second, as far as the way callers were treated, I felt we did a very good job. I suppose you could say we have a classic difference of opinion. As a host, I did not realize that I had to listen to patently untrue statements being presented as ‘facts’ (i.e. the caller who kept insisting that there was evidence of caucus fraud on behalf of Mrs. Clinton but could not site a single example of said fraud) AND I was not aware that I had to listen to callers who were verbally abusive and were not aware of the facts. Case in point is the FACT that a bill that has been put forth by Charlie Rangle called the National Service Bill. In fact, Rahm Emmanuel even spoke of it last week on one of the national news programs. For those of you who are unaware of this bill let me summarize the scariest part of it: it calles for MANDATORY Universal civilian service for EVERY American between the agesof 18 and 42. For three months the US Government could demand that you leave your job, your family, and your life and SERVE the President. As Mr. Emmanuel put it, and this is a quote “It is time for a real patriot act….” YOU and some of your viewers may not see the similarity between this act and the brown shirts under Hitler, but as a jewish woman I not only see it but I also have the right to SAY I see it. I think it would be an excellent idea for ALL KPFT viewers to do their own research and look up this bill and see for themselves.

I also want to state that I would very much like to do a follow up show on the caucus fraud. I would like to bring the female black democrat attorney that filed the class action (her name escapes me and I had a hard drive crash of my emails but I will get you here name asap) law suit on behalf of DEMOCRATIC voters defrauded at the polls in Texas as well as a first hand account of PUMA members who went to the Denver Convention and witnessed other horrific acts of fraud. I would also like to bring some of the former members of HILL R WE group who were harassed and threatened (these are women who are Latino and Black) while holding signs for Hillary BY Obama supporters to speak about other forms of caucus misbehavior.

I think that KPFT listeners are good people, for the most part, but I think that most of them–and America for that matter–are loath to hear the truth for some reason at this point in our history. I think that they are progressive and intelligent enought to be up for the challenge, and I have no problem bring guests and FACTS and support for those facts to the table, if given the chance. All I’m asking for is a chance. I would hope that KPFT would be open to this, because if not we are in more trouble than I thought.

Former Democrat, Current PUMA, American

And now a comment from listener OneWithLandru;

I have listened to many of the online PUMA “blogcasts,” as a kind of sick, masochistic hobby. For the most part, they are disorganized, technically inept yak-fests that leave the listener feeling as though he or she is a teleptahic voyeur in an asylum filled with aging, disappointed cast-offs from the high school Prom Committee.

This show was different, though, in that it was the first time the PUMAs ever faced an audience that wasn’t drawn from their own insular, hermetically sealed, tail-chasing community of political conspiracy addicts and Aggrieved Warrior Women. Worse (for them) the audience was composed of politically-aware listeners who were expecting slick, snarky satire or — at least — some semblance of informed dialogue. Regular KPFT tuners, I’m sure, were shocked to find their regular programming replaced with the audio equivalent of “The Blair Witch Project,” as performed by Alex Jones and the ghost of John Birch in drag, under the direction of Eulalie Mackechnie Shinn and channeled by Madame Blavatsky.

Drowning-from-the-outset host “Jennifer” opened the show with a quavering nonsense declaration that sounded for all the world as though it were being read at gunpoint by a bank-robbery hostage. She somehow maintained that verge-of-panic tone through the remainder of the hour, although — thankfully — she was able to avoid blurting out some of her more fiery online rhetoric, as in her recent post at Lynette Long’s blog declaring that she would like to “shoot the cock off” any man who lays a hand on a woman.

The rest is history, and pure comedy gold. “Jennifer” and her guest (the nominal “leader” of the PUMA movement, as if such a thing were possible) relentlessly stonewalled a legion of polite, knowledgeable callers with rapid-fire overtalk, breathless call-dumps and the blanket insistence that anyone who disagreed with them — man or woman, and regardless of their own intimate knowledge of issues or the mechanics of the Texas caucuses — was a dumb dootie-head.

I laughed my butt off. And I would only caution the staff of The Other Side that they could face serious competition should KPFT decide to run a weekly “PUMA-Toon Amateur Crazy Hour.” When reality becomes parody, why pay for it? PUMAs will humiliate themselves for free, and you don’t have to fill out the AFTRA paperwork.

Here is a classic comment from StrangeAppar8us of Rumproast;

Wow. I’m just catching up on this whole megillah, by way of Rumproast.com.

Holey moley! Jenniforhillary’s broadcast debut was a cross between the Hindenburg Disaster and the last fight I ever watched between Jerry Cooney and any black boxer.

Hopefully, this will teach radio station managers worldwide to restrict their fundraising incentives to imprinted tote bags and DVD collections of be-bop music revivals. FIRST RULE OF MEDIA PRODUCTION: DO NOT GIVE FREE AIRTIME TO HYSTERICAL, BLATHERING BRAIN CASES UNLESS YOU HAVE A KILL-SWITCH OR A DEATH-WISH.

My advice to Jennifer and Murphy: Step away from the microphone and put your serotonin receptors where we can block the re-uptake.

God bless KPFT, and God bless it’s listeners who refused to put up with these two Laurel & Hardy political activist wannabees. It’s one thing to be uninformed, but when you are just relentlessly, intentionally stupid, the public has a right to crawl up your crevice and give you the on-air wedgie you so justly deserve.

And someone by the name of  Irlandese who battled with Strange throughout the evening;

StrangeAppar8us: You are a typical Obamabot. Foul language, vulgarity, rude disparaging comments because someone is expressing a diverging view of events or ideology. I believe this is an example of COMPLETE HYPOCRISY. I belonged to the Democratic Party when we were not only allowed, but encouraged to speak up when we were confronted with dishonesty. You obviously grew up in later years. Your lack of common courtesy and civility is the earmark of the MTV/Survivor reality TeeVee generation. Good luck. The only commenter here using ANY vulgarity would be you. It won’t work. Now go sit in your time-out chair and don’t come back until you can keep a civil tongue in your mouth.

For the whole comment thread, click HERE. You’ll be glad you did!


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