Justice Hillary Clinton?

Justice Clinton?

I for one have always been a big fan of Hillary Clinton, I worked with her campaign in Florida and have always supported her the right way, meaning I would never think of voting for McCain like the so called PUMAS, no, I have always been a Hillaryland loyalist and only supported Obama when I knew that’s what Hillary wanted. The post below this one shows an EVIL woman, that doesn’t deserve to be compared to a woman such as Hillary Clinton, yet here are the PUMA’s, blindly supporting someone who goes against EVERYTHING Hillary Clinton is about. I have always said pumapac is a farce, a Republican front for the sole purpose of dividing the Democratic party and bilking the unfortunate of their hard earned dollar, just look at the non-existent FEC reports if you need proof.

Hillary Clinton would be a great Supreme Court justice but is that what she ultimately wants? I would much rather see her as the VP after Biden retires and ultimately President when Obama is done. Whatever she chooses to do I will support, unlike the so called supporters at pumapac who act out of spite, who would burn down Hillary’s village just because Obama happens to reside there.

Do what you need to do Hillary!

Here is what started all the speculation;

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) suggested this morning that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might be nominated to replace Justice Stevens on the Supreme Court.

The Utah Republican, a high-ranking GOPer on the Senate Judiciary Committee, implied that Clinton could be a strong nominee.

“I even heard the name Hillary Clinton today, and that would be an interesting person in the mix,” Hatch said on the “Today Show.”

“I happen to like Hillary Clinton, I think she’s done agood job for the Democrat Secretary of State’s position. And I have high respect for her, and think a great deal of her.”

Clinton is not considered to be on President Obama’s short list. Nevertheless, it’s interesting that Hatch mentioned her name unprompted.

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