What a great President!


~ by donnabrazz on April 28, 2010.

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  1. OT but does anyone have any info on our dear friend Murphy?

    The last post on the most awesome PAC ever was April 23 and before that just some posts concerning her rotting fetid basement.

    Now her dwindling band of sorry loser PUMA ‘originals’ have been basically left to argue amongst themselves (never a pretty sight) and are constantly whining about their sad loser lives and it isn’t pretty.

    Any clues?

    • I will have to check on that, I haven’t been over there in quite some time cause it was getting really stale and boring.

    • My guess is the hate PAC no longer generates enough income to keep Darra$h in made in China luxury so she has got bored.

      There’s also the little thing about her being trained as a Democratic Party candidate, that certainly would complicate things for anyone.

  2. What a nice contrast to the lot the hizzbullas have signed up with, they have even resorted quite literally to death threats against a governor.

    Not just stupid PUMAs – mad PUMAs.

  3. All very admirable stuff from Darra$h, who finally has a new post up but when is she going to take the Hizzbullers off from her blog roll and condemn their sexism?


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