After a long hiatus pouting in the corner of her home, located no doubt in an upper class neighborhood somewhere, Puma queen Murphy finally shows her face at the long defunct pumapac and what does she do? Does she talk about a famous civil rights and woman”s rights leader that just recently passed away? NOPE!,  Does she talk about possibly the worst oil disaster in US history, happening now because of a practice championed by her leader Palin and McCain? NOPE!,   Does she acknowledge even in the slightest, the racist law that Arizona just passed regarding immigration? NOT A CHANCE!, Instead,  Murphy comes up with this little gem of a prowl;

*  *  *  *  * TODAY’S PROWL *  *  *  *  *

Contact the Ohio Elections Commission and the Medina Ohio GOP.

  1. Copy, past, and edit as you see fit the following letter.
  2. Then fax it to: Ohio Elections Commission: 614-728-9408
  3. Also, email it to: medinaco@co.medina.oh.us, info@ohiogop.org, prowl@pumapac.org

Dear Commissioner,

Chairman Bill Heck of the Medina County Republican Committee owes the women of Ohio a serious apology for the mailer he approved in which the Medina GOP urged Ohio voters to send Congresswoman Betty Sutter “back to the kitchen” where, presumably, the Medina GOP believes women belong. None of the other incumbent congressmen mentioned in the mailer, all men, were referred to with such blatantly sexist disdain.

Just as Americans of every political stripe would be offended by overtly racist campaign materials, there should be no excuse for the sort of outdated and outrageous sexist stereotyping on display from the Medina GOP.

As we all know from watching so-called political leaders and media personalities attack legitimate and admirable public servants like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin with extremely offensive and often violently sexist insults, this sort of sexism damages all women in politics, both Republican and Democratic. It also hurts regular women and girls who may be discouraged from stepping into the public arena and running for office themselves. And in this time of immense voter dissatisfaction, we as a country need MORE women of substance and integrity to take that step and run for office.

I urge you to demand an immediate and public apology from Chairman Heck and the Medina County Republican Committee.


Your Name

Puma PAC Member (http://pumapac.org)

HAHAHA, you spelled the name wrong you idiot, it’s Sutton not Sutter! All this time to come up with a prowl and you cant even do it correctly. FAIL.

Here is an Email that idiot “wontbackdown” received in response to her prowl;

wontbackdown 04.30.10 at 12:20 pm

(Pity that they can spot a typo in an email better than the words of sexist pigs!)

Thanks Zee! Cause here’s the totally vested response I got back:

from Laura Labak
to xxxxx
date Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 11:06 AM
subject Re: Apologize to Women of Ohio… In fact, to Women all over the United States of America!
mailed-by medinaco.org

hide details 11:06 AM (57 minutes ago)

“It’s Betty Sutton, not Sutter.”

Here is another from the loudmouth ZEE;

Zee 04.30.10 at 11:47 am

Dances, Murphy….

It’s Congresswoman Betty Sutton, not Sutter, so somehow the name got disfigured from the top of the post to the form letter and every letter we sent out had the wrong name.

I was in conversation with Steve Hambley all day yesterday. but suddenly today he either sent out a Good Little Woman today to send out the lone message that it’s “Sutton not Sutter” —-or else Laura Labak took it upon herself as a good little Republican lady to send out that snide message herself, with nary a mention of the issue.

If you correct the letter, we could all resend it to Laura and see if she has something to say about the ISSUE involved. Just a thought.

Did ZEE just say “somehow the name got disfigured”? LOL!  Hey ZEE, Murphy screwed up the name, there is no “somehow” geesh, no wonder you people couldn’t get it together in Denver! Keep them prowls coming Murphy, they are always comedy gold!


~ by Obotinchief on April 30, 2010.

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  1. It shows that they do not even bother to read what they cut and paste. I bet half of those bloody idiots even copy the bit that says “your name”.

  2. Over at the Flatulence MYIQ=42 and SYD are busy playing in a cesspit of hizzbuller bigotry. “Liberal PUMAs” my fat arse.

  3. It gets funnier, that river of fail the flatulence is now condemning Wrld Nut Daily. It most certainly wassn’t beneath them to happily cut and paste approving of almost every single article they ran.

    Of course we all know that Super Hillary would have woken up and passed a full NHS style universal health care system on day one of being in office, while of course looking after hard working white America.

  4. Welcome back!!

    Well what was all that about?

    • Thank you obot, apparently it was all a big mistake by the system according to wordpress, they were apologetic issuing this response

      My apologies – the system should not have done that.

      I have removed the warning and I am sorry for the concern it caused.”

      So we are back up and running, I will have a new post up today at some point, thanks to everyone who wrote to wordpress about the suspension.

  5. Yay welcome back.

  6. It looks like Darhag is needing money again.

    She has gone into Hizzbuller mode and has restarted her Islam sucks rant.

  7. Oh, the irony


  8. You know, there was a time when I thought the PUMA’s and nuts like the guys at Hillcrap were just crazies only fit to be made fun of.

    But now it seems half the GOP are just as nuts. What strange times we live in!

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