Elizabeth Warren Rocks

Of course Murphy and Pumapac would never talk about a woman who has it all together, who is intelligent with a great personality, oh no! Why not? Cause she works for Obama. Elizabeth Warren is smarter than all 20 pumapac minds combined into one, with room to spare! The idiots at pumapac would never compliment Warren on her smarts and determination…I’m just sayin…


~ by donnabrazz on May 5, 2010.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren is a star. PUMAs are just bottom feeding hypocritical scum.

    Have you noticed that Darhag and the rest of the PUMA bigotbots are all saying how much they like the Hizzbullers?


    Not one mentions or condemns their absolutely disgraceful sexism and bigotry, in fact that whore for hate Darhag even jokes about their homophobia.

    So now the truth is exposed. They were never about the “sexism”, they could not care less about it in reality. They just did not want a black man in the White House. Well tough. Their bigotry lost and they will lose again. Sick hypocritical scum.

  2. As I have said before I usually only glance at the front page ‘articles’ on PUMA sites because they are essentially the same screed just endlessly recycled, it’s the comments that hold the comedy gold. This comment from the PAC perfectly explains why they are correctly called stupid PUMAs. It’s a classic.

    “Never miss a day checking in on…. PUMA PAC, Uppity, Hillbuzz, Tennessee Guerilla Woman, Afrocity, New Agenda, No Quarter, Reclusive Leftist (when I can get in), Post-Partisan Examiner, or Not Your Sweetie.

    When I have some extra time for reading on my I expand to Chesler Chronicles, The Confluence, Daily PUMA, Muslims Against Sharia, Cynthia Yockey, Womanstate, Femisex and several others of the PUMA persuasion.

    Really and truly… if you look at my blogroll you will know exactly where I get my news. And, I might add… I am typically ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the big stories.”

    Yep, its not like PUMA’s have ever been wrong about anything….

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