Big Bad Misogynist Obama put's a woman in her place....The Supreme Court!

President Obama announced that his pick for the 112th justice of the Supreme Court would be Solicitor General Elena Kagan, this would put three justices on the Supreme Court for the first time in history, not bad for the big bad scary black Misogynist! I mean he hates women so much according to the puma’s that maybe he is putting her on the highest court in the land just to teach her a lesson, or could it be a lifetime punishment consisting of a great paying job for life with the ability to influence history? Sure sounds like Misogyny to me…shame on you Obama! I’m just sayin…

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~ by donnabrazz on May 10, 2010.


  1. A bit of an open challenge

    • LOL!! You know I always like a challenge, however I think I will let Donna handle this one since it really needs to be addressed with some sort of compassion, which I have none of. 😉 Thanks for the tip BB!

  2. The strange thing is that they somehow think that PUMA PAC is ‘private’ and that only a PUMA would read and remember all the crap they post there. They don’t get that it’s going to stain them forever. And whatever happened to that PUMA who was running for something in Florida?

    • Oh she is still running, Donna is working on a post about the one running in St. Louis and I am working on the one about Mimi Planas in Florida, stay tuned…..

  3. Pumacraig pretending to be an African American

    What is funny is Barry is half white and his brown color is Kenyan he is not a Afro American or Black. So my black brothers and sisters voted for a brown skined half white and half kenyan. He is as much white as he is black or brown. He is not one of them and soon they will feel betrayed because he will not give us Afro-American blacks what we want. And when he fails to be black enough we will turn on him and then we will say he ain?t black he is white. He is not one of us he brown and an uncle tom! So any one who disagees with Barry and did not vote for him can not be a racist he is half white. He is not Afro American or Black he is Kenyan and white!!

  4. Guys,

    Hillcrap has a post up about their dearest Sarah. Pure comedy gold, priceless! And the comments, even funnier.

    Man, I do hope she runs. So much material for Comedy Central, SNL and Tina.

    Run Sarah Run indeed!!

    • Their “give us money or the kitten gets it” post has been changed as well. I guess that they must have their server and radio facilities now.

  5. So Murphy is back. She is downsizing to a much smaller place.

    Very much like her blog and her “movement”. What’s that word again? Oh yeah, Karma.

  6. Hope you guys are well – not heard from you for a while.

    • just doing a ton of research on both puma candidates and their campaigns, should have something up soon…

  7. I dont knowwhether you want to publish the link to the racist and sexist blog this comes from but it appears that a certain PUMA Amy will only fight sexism if it is directed towards Palin. As if we didn’t know that already. Here is PUMA bigotbot on the most far right PUMA blog outside of Stormfront <<<replace the xx with zz

    My husband was a VP of a Washington, DC bank and it sounds very impressive but there’s no way we could have sent our child to Siddon Friends–and the Hawaiian cost of living was way, way higher in those days. The rest, however, sounds about right. Are those the same reasons he could afford the other three private schools? Even in the most aggressive affirmative action programs, I’ve never heard “all expenses paid” without a scholarship.

  8. Nice to see you all back !! I’m really looking forward to your posts regarding Candice Britt Puma Britton … if she thinks that she stands up for 18 million Hillary supporters she is sadly mistaken, I am so sick and tired of those pumas (I would use another name but I’ll be nice) using that line. More than likely she voted for McCain and would vote for Palin in a heartbeat. I hope the truth gets out far and wide about this two-faced puma.

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