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Consider this an open thread to talk about the current candidates supported and endorsed by pumapac. Please post any quotes from them that you may have or any info on their thoughts about the issues. I will pick random one’s to add to this post. And of course most of all, Have fun! This is politics after all!


~ by Obotinchief on May 19, 2010.


  1. I’m mixed about Candice. She will lose without any help. I doubt that she will get 100 votes. I doubt that if she ran statewide she would secure 100 votes.

    She does however have the PUMA victim mentality as displayed here


    She is also quite obviously a liar as displayed above and when she said she wont accept “Obot” money, yet has an Act Blue page. (She has so far raised a total of $945 from the 18 million PUMA bigots and the Obots).


    So when she loses I being master of all the Obots from my hovel in good ol England will be blamed. Making it essential of course for PUMA bigotbots to donate more to Kevin Dickspuzz and Darra$h.

    • Hi there BB, I agree with you on that, I have done a ton of research on Candice and she isn’t even a blip on the radar, I inquired about her but all anyone ever said was “who is that” when I mentioned she was endorsed by pumapac, their typical response was “puma what?” LOL…. I read over that whole KPFT thread and it is definitely her, it seems she chimes in when the call for help at pumapac caused the others to jump in there as well, it was her, perhaps her memory is fading as well?

  2. PUMAs of course provide her with bad advice. My repeating her comment at that Conservative blog site is somehow stalking, wanting to visit a female blogger with baseball bats is just PUMA fun.

    The hypocrisy of PUMA just shines through. From Amy Sucksonbankers to Candice Britton. They are all so anti sexism except when it is directed towards any member of the Democratic Party not called Hillary Clinton.

    If PUMA bigotbot Candice was against sexism and racism it would have highlighted their sexism, but no she is happy to run off to the Hillbuzzards. At least “Zee” has some credibility on this.

  3. Then again, I am changing my mind.


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