PUMA Candidate Candice “Britt” Britton is a Liar!


I was gonna stay outta this, I was gonna let cooler heads prevail and let Donna do her piece on Candice focusing mainly on her misguided policies and associations but no! Candice had to go there and what I mean by go there, she had to open her lying trap and accuse a friend of mine of somehow going back in time to a long ago radio blog called KPFT where Murphy and Jenniforhillary where getting their asses handed to them in the comments, well the call went out for all Puma’s to go to that radio blog and defend them from attacks, among all the other recognizable user names from the pumapac blog was “pumacraig” Candice’s puma user name. The person named puma craig said the following comments;

What is funny is Barry is half white and his brown color is Kenyan he is not a Afro American or Black. So my black brothers and sisters voted for a brown skined half white and half kenyan. He is as much white as he is black or brown. He is not one of them and soon they will feel betrayed because he will not give us Afro-American blacks what we want. And when he fails to be black enough we will turn on him and then we will say he ain’t black he is white. He is not one of us he brown and an uncle tom! So any one who disagees with Barry and did not vote for him can not be a racist he is half white. He is not Afro American or Black he is Kenyan and white!!

17 November 2008 at 11:35 pm


and this;

You Barry voters can dish it out but you can’t take it. You do not want to know the truth! The One was selected not elected by the DNC and so called super deligates! Barry has a mandatory civil servant program ready to go. The Brown Shirts. Congressman Rangle as the bill ready to be voted on in the next congress. the truth hurts and you Barry supporters do not want to hear or seek the truth! Indoctornation that is Hitler got the youth to follow him. Putin in Russia has done the same thing in Russia he has pandered and fooled the youth and guess what the young Russians hate America. Research it educate yourselves! History will show you Puma eyes are open and we are not drinking the kool-aide! Hillary won the primary the DNC and Liberal elite Super Delegates selected Barry again he was not elected. 18 million votes Hillary was elected not selected.

17 November 2008 at 11:26 pm


She said some pretty awful things at that time, as you can see that was shortly after the election in 2008 and no where in that whole thread was there anyone named bigotbasher nor did his blog exist nor was he part of the anti-puma movement, so according to pumacraig aka Candice Britton’s wild conspiracy theories, bigotbasher had to somehow go back in time and impersonate her, why would he even use her name? She was a nobody on that blog, why not use Murphy, DWP or JenniforHillary as a hijacked name? The truth is that Candice wrote those things, nobody else did it for her, the boogieman didn’t do it, bigotbasher didn’t do it, nope, it was her. She should give up playing the role of victim and admit to what she said in the past. We call on her to denounce the people who continually use sexist remarks when referring to our First Lady and racial undertones when referring to Obama, if you refuse to do so then you have no character and we will find everything you ever commented on and post it here for all to see. Your accusations of threats and harassment against bigotbasher carry no merit, you are now a public figure because you have thrown your hat into the ring of politics, if you cant stand the fire then get out of the kitchen, I look forward to going over your FEC reports with a fine tooth comb, that is my right as a private citizen and yours as a now public citizen is to get scrutinized, deal with it or go home!

Here is a link to the KPFT radio show article.


~ by Obotinchief on May 21, 2010.

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  1. Thank you and Candice aka PUMACRAIF has confirmed everything you just wrote.


    Candice Britt Britton 05.20.10 at 11:51 pm
    …Thank you. It is time consuming. I didn?t want my opponent blamed. I needed to make sure the public knew that. Hillbuzz was a great help I owe her a lot and Dances had my back big time. A big thank you and hug to both!

    URL: http://pumapac.org/2010/05/16/sunday-open-thread-and-just-an-ordinary-girl/

    _______________ __

    Hillbuzz is far right sexist and race hate site run by a supposedly gay man in Chicago . This is who Candice counts on for support. Candice Britton is a lying racist bigot.

    PUMAs so much for their opposition to sexism.

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