Flashback: June, 2008


Usually about this time of year, real life tends to get in the way of writing a blog post, however this time of year is also a special time and yes I do mean special is a short bus kind of way, you see, 2 years ago the special needs kids over at the now defunct pumapac were all in a tizzy that their girl Hillary wasn’t just handed the nomination because hell, she was a Clinton!, you know how we love our family dynasties! and she was first lady! and she was a part time Senator! and she is a woman! and on and on and on, blah, blah, blah!  How can an inadequate BLACK male possibly win the nomination, he must have cheated! That’s it, he cheated, he stole those delegates from Michigan and Florida! We don’t care if they both agreed that they weren’t in play! He must have rigged the caucuses is Texas cause JenniforHillary told us so! We have proof! We have a whitey tape! He isn’t an American citizen! HE’S A GOD DAMN BLACK MAN!!! SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE US!!!

Well as it turns out, the old bitter PUMA’s were wrong, everything they based their PAC on was made up of lies, racism, and bigotry. While the rest of the country moved on and history was made with the election of Barrack Obama by a resounding majority of states, the PUMA’s stuck to their little corner of the internet, where a few reside even now, to pout and complain that their lives are fucked up because of Barrack Obama.  I got news for you PUMA’s, you’re lives were FUCKED up long before Obama came onto the scene, you were just too DELUSIONAL to realize it! So like I have said in the past, shut the fuck up and do something to make this country a better place, how about paying off that debt of Goddess Hillary , that you promised to do when you started your PAC of FAIL? How bout actually taking it from there?  That would be a start……

PS: Where did all that money go Murphy?

FEC Fail right here.

Can anyone guess the last time PUMAPAC filed proper FEC forms?


~ by Obotinchief on June 1, 2010.

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