Sarah Palin is a BIGGER IDIOT than previously thought!

Even more proof that a bag of rocks in smarter than Sarah Palin, in this speech at Cal State Stanislaus, Sarah Palin states that “California holds a special place in her heart because this is Reagan Country and perhaps it was fate that Reagan attended California’s Eureka College”, however there is NO Eureka college in California, nope and if there was, Reagan surely did not attend it! Matter of fact he attended Eureka College in, are you listening Sarah?, EUREKA ILLINOIS!!! Damn, for someone that is supposedly her idol, she doesn’t know a thing about the man, kinda like she know’s nothing about who are founding fathers were, nothing like a little research before you speak…you betcha! Check out her comments starting at the 10:00 mark of the video and below that, Ronald Reagan at Eureka College in Illinois!

I would rather have a smart scary black socialist in the Whitehouse than a stupid conservative wingnut.

To the Palintards writing in to debate me on whether Palin is smarter than Clinton or Obama, I really don’t give a rat’s ass, the proof is in the pudding and your girl is a true idiot, she is dumb as a bag of rocks and her thought process is misguided, Creationism? If the above reference to Reagan was a gaff I could forgive such a thing, but it wasn’t, she had a good amount of time to think about what she was saying and to study the subject she was talking about and she f’cked that up. The above post is not for you, I don’t need your traffic, I don’t care what you have to say, so stay off of my blog, and to all my true Conservative friends, I didn’t mean to offend with the dumb Conservative statement as there are plenty of smart one’s, however Sarah Palin is not it, therefore I have fixed the above sentence.


~ by Obotinchief on June 29, 2010.

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  1. Then you are probably a socialist, and your word is worth crap. Is that gaffe as bad as Hillary Clinton’s performance as Secretary of State?

    — Locherbie pardon — human rights violations in China while professing US as trafficking in slavery — UN seats for Iran on Status of Women and Libya on Human Rights — Iran uprisings — abandonment of Poland and Israel —

    I strongly supported her throughout the primaries, but she’s toast as far as I’m concerned.

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