Unlike the Puma’s, Hillary Clinton has class.

Perhaps Murphy and crew could learn a few things from their idol? Maybe not…..

Takes notes pumapac, this is why this woman is so successful and you are full of fail.

**on a side note, don’t pay attention to the title of the video, it comes from a stupid 911 truther you tube channel and has nothing to do with what was said**


~ by donnabrazz on July 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Unlike the Puma’s, Hillary Clinton has class.”

  1. I fail to understand why the pumas don’t ask for an accounting of the PAC (C00451369). Its required FEC reports have not been filed for more than a year, and there is still a “Contribute” tab on the website.


    • I agree, it would be good to get your house in order first before you accuse others of FEC wrongdoing.

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