It’s all a bunch of Bullshit!

So I have been on vacation all week and poor Donna has been busy taking care of her mother who fell ill and is in the hospital, so needless to say the blog has been rudderless for the last week and we are sorry for that. I have been following the puma news and have been itching to write about what I see is utter BS and lies constantly told by the puma and their ilk, and by ilk I’m talking about Harvey Bilk over at the blog I dare not mention.  Calling Murphy an “American Hero”, you gotta be fucking kidding me! So now our hero’s are whiny, lying, racist and dishonest? When was the last time the woman filed a legitimate report with the FEC? I mean for god’s sake woman, you run a PAC, you’re not running a cupcake club, where are the reports that you are required to file? You still accept money on the official pumapac site but still you fail to provide the simplest documentation showing where that money is going and you have the nerve to question Obama about his? You run your pac like you run a romper room and somehow get away with it.  I have said it before and I will say it again, pumapac is irrelevant, you just have to look at the super post called, what else but “Hillary won, Obama stole the election” waaaaaa!  How many comments did that post garner? Even though it was tweeted far and wide, facebooked to all hell and mentioned numerous times at the hell site I will not mention, with all their wingnut assholes repeating it all over the wingnuttisphere? 269! that’s right, 269! damn comments from approximately 30 people repeating themselves in the same thread, now that sounds like a big pile of win right there now doesn’t it?…. you betcha!

Like I mentioned before, I am on vacation and will write more when I return next week, in the mean time head on over to where there is always something cooking.



~ by Obotinchief on July 18, 2010.

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  1. LOL….I like your style.


    And the PAC was in the red as of 09.30.2008. Maybe they should sell that “film production equipment” that cost $3135.30 on 08.07.08. Who got to keep that, I wonder.

  3. CoalCracker –

    The film gear? I kept it. It replaced the gear that was stolen en route to Chicago. I lost 2 Cannon XL-2′,s, an assortment of lenses, and various pieces of sound equipment. To this day, not all of it has been replaced.

    • Brad, thanks for your clarification and your visit to the blog, I have missed chatting with you at RR as I have been banned for no fault of my own. I hope you are doing well and your son is safe, hopefully home from overseas.

  4. […] by the RNC. Speaking of honesty, why don’t you ask your dear leader to file the correct FEC paperwork? Dishonesty […]

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