Be afraid, be very afraid -

It’s just shameful how the Media, the Left and the Right, and the Whitehouse treated Ms. Sherrod during the Breitbart-Fox news smear campaign, Rachel Maddow has a great segment on the issue of the “Scare White People Tactic” so often used by the Conservative Right, The PUMA’s and the Teabaggers. Check out all three segments here. also check out by Betty Cracker over at  Here is a paragraph from that post;

It’s a long-range political strategy to frighten working class whites, a cynical maneuver to ensure that the poor and working classes remain divided by color so they don’t unite and, god forbid, demand a fair shake. Ironically, that’s the lesson Ms. Sherrod was delivering in the speech that was subsequently sliced and diced to serve Breitbart’s race-baiting purposes.


~ by donnabrazz on July 22, 2010.

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