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Good Ole’ Dances with Nutjobs over at the pac today was complaining about how we here at STUPIDPUMAS! and our fellow obots will just ruin it for Hillary in her run for the 2012 ticket;

DancesWithPumas 07.28.10 at 1:55 pm

I’m mixed about the timing of the wave that’s building for Hillary to run for (and win) the Presidency again.
I’m for the the timing because it gives us, and her, plenty of time to gear up.
I’m against it because it gives the freaks cheats morans and obots, excuse the multiple redundancy there, too much time to tear her down and apart. It gives Ovomit too much time to strategize his future cheating.

First of all, Hillary lost, no matter how much you repeat that she won, she didn’t, she lost.

Two –  It could only be a detriment to her dreamed up run for 2012 to allow you to “gear up”, we have seen pumapac’s attempts at anything constructive in the past and the only thing you are good at is FAILURE.

Three – Please, Please don’t flatter us with your childish name calling, it serves no one and only makes you look foolish and dumb, aren’t you in your 50’s? I’m just sayin…

Four – Hillary lost.

Dances with Idiots thinks we are Oblivious to what’s going on, well I for one know the facts and am not swayed by the likes of FOX news and Andrew Breitbart, like so many pumas are. You are the biggest hypocrites around, complaining about the same policies that Hillary would have enacted had she won the nomination,  just because the President is a black male, or should I repeat the words of a Puma leader, “Inadequate Black Male”.

The puma hypocrite Dances with Butch Cut, says the following;

DancesWithPumas 07.29.10 at 12:42 am

wontbackdown 07.28.10 at 11:58 pm

As for those out there still minimizing (at best) Hillary and Bill?


That’s all they’ve got. There is no there there…

hell, theyre even still stuck on irrelevant pumas… and being the dishonest freaks that they are… anyone who doesn’t hold up obama as the messiah is labeled a ‘puma’. They are dishonest on every level, and as I said earlier, that’s because that’s all theyve got.

Oblivious Obots.

I have to agree with one point you made DWP, Pumas are irrelevant, any sense of relevancy ended when Murphy left you high and dry in Denver and left town early. Why do I even waste my time on only a few irrelevant people? I ask myself that everytime I go to your pac blog, luckily I have cut back on my time there as you really don’t have anything good to say, except the occasional cat fight, the pac has really become a boring bitter fest.
You say we are dishonest but you constantly lie, day in and day out with a misinformation campaign that could only be rivaled by the RNC. Speaking of honesty, why don’t you ask your dear leader to file the correct FEC paperwork? Dishonesty indeed.
Dances with Bigots goes on to say this;

DancesWithPumas 07.29.10 at 8:41 am

Why would anyone defend and campaign someone who hasn’t done anything except continue the bush policies.
Obots must be rightwingers … They fit the profile … Gay basihing, misogynist, corporatist. Made in the image of their messiah… All doing the work of the GOP.

That tactic is all they’ve got.
Smear everyone because they don’t have anything else.
They can’t argue in support of his record, they never could. They’re trying to support a done-did-nothing-dud.

I can argue in support of his record, I have plenty of facts to support the things that he has accomplished so far, but you are like a child who covers her ears and makes noise so it will all go away. The fact of the matter is that you are wrong, you have always been wrong and you will continue to be wrong. You talk about us doing work for the GOP, yet you support a site that once supported Hillary, even bares part of her name in the title, who is fervently Right Wing Republican and preaches right wing hate and teabaggery.  Hell, you couldn’t wait to jump on the hate bandwagon and support their efforts to uncover real identities of people on the left, so their crazy followers could physically threaten them and their families. You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting a right wing witch hunt. We have never threatened anyone with physical harm, even when people where asking for your head when you had the death to Obama merchandise at your Cafe Press store, we knew all your personal info, your name, your address, everything and we kept our mouth shut, you on the other hand couldn’t wait to give as much information as possible. You are an Ass, plain and simple.

In closing, keep telling yourself that Hillary will save you in 2012, maybe you can even raise some more money for the pac to “keep the lights on” , just remember that as long as pumapac is around, we will be here watching and commenting on the stupidity of the puma.

wontbackdown 07.29.10 at 11:10 am

(Is that StupidPumas site even still around?)



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