GO PUMACRAIG! (snort!)

That’s right folks, It’s election day in St. Louis Missouri and the stakes couldn’t be higher (chuckle) Today our PUMA endorsed candidate Candice Britton goes head to head with Incumbent candidate Lacy Clay who is part of the evil Obama machine that pumapac so desperately want’s to fail and who spends every waking hour wishing it so, what do you expect from a bunch of bitter bigots. From day 1 the PUMA’s have fought against anything Obama, furiously clicking their heels hoping that they would be transported back to the day when Hillary was all but a shoe in and surprised when their form of magic just isn’t working out. That brings us to today as the PUMA’s desperately hope for that long awaited win, throwing all their chips in for this puma candidate who has had to eat her own words over the last few months. If you are interested at all here is a link to the results which are constantly updated, just scroll down to the US HOUSE District 1 – DEM section for results. On a side note, the referendum on whether to opt out of Health Care Reform is on there too!
h/t to Delle for reminding me the primary is today!


~ by Obotinchief on August 3, 2010.

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  1. Well I left it until now to post as it did not want this crazy loon to blame me for her losing.

    I fully expect Lacy Clay to win but given the recent result in South Carolina the machines may show different.

    PUMACRAIG or Candice or whatever name the bigot gives itself is a complete crazy. I’m amused I became an election issue but incredibly annoyed as a result of that stupid bigot and her hizzbuller mates my post has been re-directed to some US address (the police are on it) So screw her (and very much not literally). If there is a deposit / filing fee for running I hope she loses it.

  2. wontbackdown 08.03.10 at 9:27 pm
    ((((((Candice Britton))))))

    20% and still counting!

    Candice, you rock!

    Actually is 20% and falling.

    Candice you FAIL. Get miserable.

  3. This is how Hillary won in their tiny minds – PUMA Stats

    Among all of the candidates running:

    – Of the 61,734 total votes cast, Candice came in third of all 6 candidates – representing 3 parties.

    – There were only 1743 votes difference between Candice and the Repub candidate

    – Candice captured 34% of all remaining votes cast (excluding her own opponent’s – the incumbent)

    – Candice received 58% of the votes cast among all of the candidates eliminated – twice as many votes than the 4th place candidate

    How’s that for “losing” numbers of a first-time candidate up against a well-funded professional politician!


    18%. Well it is similar to the made up 18 million number

  4. I need to rest for a while and look for a home to accommodate wheel chair living. With a broken Housing Voucher program that doesn’t work and add sabotage from the Public Housing Authority that holds my voucher. I have no place to turn for help with the PHA because I dare run against their puppet on a string who votes straight Party, because his seat is so safe! Its almost impossible.. I will not have Internet access. My friend is moving. Again thank you all for your support and words of love. Britt

    I kind of feel bad for Candice but then I remember the silly bigot running on an agenda of cutting Government spending which would have included those very programmes.

    As for Clay voting straight Party what do Rethugs and people like the Tea Party offer people like her? If they had their way there would be no public housing whatsoever.

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