Elizabeth Warren should head the new U.S. consumer financial agency

Definately NOT a puma!

The very first time I heard Elizabeth Warren speak on the financial system was when I was hooked, this woman is the smartest choice to run the new U.S. consumer financial agency created by the Obama Financial bill recently approved in Congress.  President Obama should waste no time in appointing Warren who has the respect of many on both sides, well at least enough Republican support to avoid a filibuster. Now is the time to make the right decision and make the appointment.  Please do not appoint Barr who is a treasury insider and will only draw the ire of progressives and the net roots. Another good reason to nominate Warren is that Tim Geithner opposes the nomination, what better way to show the people that you want true reform than to nominate someone the status quo opposes? Here is Warren putting to Time Geithner;


~ by donnabrazz on August 5, 2010.

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