I was sent a link to a Prop. 8 poll on FOX news that asked the question,

Did Judge Make Right Call In Gay Marriage Case? <<click to take the poll

I have to say that I was hesitant to click the link knowing that as I clicked my vote and the results appeared, I would be in the minority, however to my surprise I was in the majority!, and not a slim majority but a majority of 70% saying Prop H8 violates the Constitution vs. 25% who say marriage is between a man and a woman! Since yesterday I have been hearing how surprised everyone is that the Republicans weren’t all up in arms about the Prop. H8 ruling, I heard this on Maddow and on the news today asking why the Republicans were pretty much ignoring it, even Palin said no comment cause she hadn’t had a chance to read it, I mean WTF is up? Could it be that the Religious right has finally been put on the back burner and the more libertarian although racist Tea Baggers have taken priority? The Tea Baggers may be racist but I have yet to see an anti-gay sign at a Tea rally, could it be that Gay America has finally found an ally in the Republican party? Well unless you happen to be black, mexican, asian, or middle eatern and gay, then you are shit outta luck! It’s going to be interesting to watch how the Republicans play this over the next few months leading up to November, can they hold their tongues for that long or is the word of God just struggling to get out? We shall see, I’m willing to bet we wont have to wait long.

Rachel Maddow on why the Repubs are being quiet on the ruling;


~ by Obotinchief on August 6, 2010.

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  1. lol – this could be a plot episode in itself – the pumas are up against Dr Who.

    Maybe they still think the Dr is me.

  2. Amy Siskind, Harriet Christian and Darragh Murphy screaming “obot” at the Dr, while slowly approaching amy pond and going you too can be one of us, you too could love the Hillary.

    Rise Hillary Rise.

  3. FL-Nazi is still a disgraceful fascist

    She makes Fox News look liberal. The only woman that evil excuse for a sub human thing is, is the woman it dreams of being itself.

    A supposed friend of hers was thrown out and all that disgraceful piece of scum was concerned about was that it was done by someone called Mr. Ali. Priorities bigotbot, priorities.

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