PROP.H8 Stay on Ruling lifted as of August 18th!

It's only a metter of time!

“That judgment shall be STAYED until August 18, 2010 at 5 PM PDT at which time defendants and all persons under their control or supervision shall cease to apply or enforce Proposition 8.”

And with that simple sentence, millions of people felt relief that the days of feeling like second class citizens is nearing an end….*** click anywhere on the above sentence to read the ruling***.

In my opinion, the bigots have brought this upon themselves, knowing full well that a law restricting anyone of their rights as citizens of this great country would result in a challenge such as this, they have had their moment of temporary victory but the time has come once and for all to show these people that this country belongs to gay people just as much as it belongs to straight people. This isn’t a religious country, though we guarantee the right to practice religion, we also guarantee the right of no religion, if you want a country that is run by religion, I suggest you try Iran. The Constitution is what determines our values and laws, not the Bible and no matter how much you wish it to be it’s just not going to happen. It might say “In God We Trust” however it doesn’t specify who’s God so you can’t claim it for yourselves when it’s open to everybody. You have lost, now get lost!


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  1. Somewhat off the topic of something very worth celebrating, show stupid can these people get?

    Delle 08.13.10 at 12:25 pm
    BCL #346

    I’ve been to many European countries. I only got back from a three week stay in Germany and Austria in May.

    They are wonderful countries, but they are socialist. A person has to be extremely wealthy to own his or her own property.

    Most people live in apartments where space is limited.

    In some countries the residents can only drive a car approved by the government.

    We have a lot more freedoms here, but we are losing them.

    Let’s see

    United Kingdom – Conservative
    Germany – Conservative
    France – Conservative
    Italy – Conservative

    Home ownership rates
    1. Spain 85.3
    2. Greece 83.6
    3. Italy 75.5
    4. Belgium 72.9
    5. Luxembourg 70.8
    6. United Kingdom 70.6
    [b] 7. United States 67.5[/b]
    8. Portugal 65.0
    9. Denmark 65.0
    10. France 62.7
    11. Sweden 59.9
    12. Netherlands 54.4

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