A fitting tribute to a great person.

The Ann Reid Early Childhood Center

Early on in my blogging career I got involved commenting on a site called Rumproast, making fun of puma and people like them and during that time I had the pleasure of interacting with a commenter that went by the name Kerry Reid and now Oblomova. During our many written squabbles with the pumi throughout the net I had become a big fan of her way of delivering an argument, wherever she went, she left the puma in tears with many of them saying she must be a man because there was no way a woman could argue with them like she did. The differences in people that walk the walk, like Kerry and the one’s who only talk, like puma queen Murphy, couldn’t be more apparent.  Kerry’s mother, Ann Reid, a longtime special education teacher and administrator who obviously believed in doing something positive for others,  has been honored for her efforts with a recently completed childhood center in her name. Ann Reid passed away in 2008 after battling cancer. I just want to say what a tribute this is to who I am sure was a great woman, congratulations Reid family on this honor. A link to the Daily Herald article on this story can be found here or clicking on the picture above.


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  1. Didn’t know you still had any “puma” blogs going,I’ll bookmark this one!

    • Thanks Jason, I went away for about a month while we worked on the Hatebuzz problem, our legal options seemed to work out quite nicely so Donna brought it back online and invited me back to write for her, welcome back!

      • Speaking of hatebuzzards I have two left over from the days of that debacle still infecting my blog and the disgusting pygmy that writes for it is now blaming Romney Republicans for all of his woes.

  2. Thanks so much — my sister called my attention to this and I’m so touched that you took notice of what my whole family views as a great honor.

    • Hi Kerry, thanks for dropping in! I miss your comments as they always made me laugh so please drop by more often when time allows.

  3. The last election my mother voted in was the 2008 Illinois primary — and yes, she cast her vote for Obama!

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