Wow, has it already been two years since the PUMA failure in Denver?

I was reminded today that we are at the two year anniversary of the Denver Convention. I was there to take in all the festivities and to of course laugh at the Puma, who at the time I really knew nothing about, but as I was watching my good friend Chris Mathews, who was hosting Hardball, having to deal with few wingnuts spouting off something about Obama being a scary Muslim and holding orange signs and wearing some stupid looking t-shirt with the word Puma on it, I asked some people in the crowd as to who those people were? Everyone I asked shook their head and said they were bitter Hillary racists who couldn’t stand that their candidate had lost and wanted people to believe that Obama cheated and Hillary was the real winner. Well as you all know, that turned out to be false and the convention went forward without any massive 18 million woman march much less an 18 woman march, that would rightly seat Hillary where she belonged in their eyes.  As a special dedication to Murphy and pumapac, here is one of my favorite speeches at the convention made by one of my favorite women in the world, who I think that if the Puma’s put aside their hatred of the black man for just a few minutes, just might learn something from this elegant woman and human being, enjoy….


~ by donnabrazz on August 25, 2010.

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