Since we will all be monitoring the big Glen Beck Racism Fest tomorrow, I have decided to skip right to what makes the Puma cringe and that is President Obama’s speech, with Murphy having fled Denver well before this speech taking place leaving her members high and dry, there was no danger of orange balloons interrupting the festivities, I mean if I had trouble ordering a pizza for delivery, I would flee too! Anyways, please enjoy the memories….


~ by donnabrazz on August 28, 2010.

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  1. Over at the flatuence they are still trying to justify their cli that voting Republican was the progressive thing to do. I’m sure that 10 year war would be so much better for everyone.

    By the way did you read about Harvey Bilk getting a drink thrown on him?

    • lol, that was so funny and he admits in that same post that is was that lady from the Illinois press that outed him which makes his crying about you all the more of a scam just to bilk money from his readers.

  2. Is it time to finally declare the PAC dead?

    Murphy hasn’t been updating and now the site is down.

    What a shame!

    • The site does go down every once in a while but I am not ready to declare the PAC dead until Hillary is officially not running in 2012.

  3. Yeah, the site staggered back into life, if you call a bunch of bitter old losers posting their usual rubbish ‘life’.

    Whatever happened to the 18 million strong army?

    But if Hillary doesn’t run in 2012 just watch as they switch their love to Dear Sarah and claim the moral high ground whilst doing it.

    • I agree however they are throwing all their eggs in the Hillary 2012 basket and I want to be around when Obama runs for a second term and wins causing a mental breakdown in the pumasphere even more explosive than when Obama won his first term..should be fun.

  4. Something they will not want to read–102449199.html

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