What would $141 million buy you?

In the case of Meg Whitman, NOTHING!

From the Bigotbasher blog;


Go back to Ebay – oh you cannot do that either, you failed there as well.

So much for the big Republican uprising across the USA. Despite all the Foreign money, Republicans could only claim about 60 seats in the House and they also failed to get the Senate.

That is the first time since the 1930′s that has seen an opposition flip the Control of the House but not the Senate at the same time.


~ by Obotinchief on November 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “What would $141 million buy you?”

  1. May be worth pointing out that the Senate results are the best since 1992 (excluding 2008).


  2. What happened when Bill was running the place – he lost both chambers of Congress. So how much better does that make Obama?

  3. dumb broad. it didnt buy her ass anything but egg on her face. I think voters were turned off by not only the housekeeper thing but this money. people are unemployed and standin in soup lines and every other day this bytch is braggin about how much money she’s worth and how much she spent on her campaign. She could have saved a small country with that money…

  4. You have to wonder if she wouldn’t have got more bang for her buck if Meg had put most of that money into buying up a controlling interest in Diebold.
    Jerry w

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