So it turns out that the Teabaggers have gotten suckered into believing that what they where gonna get isn’t exactly what they got. A majority of the Teabaggers were under the impression that who they were voting for were people who were wet behind the ears, so to speak ,when it came to Washington experience. They thought they were sending in relative newcomers to shake things up, to change the establishment that is Washington, but what they really got were experienced politicians including the main financial guru behind the Bush administrations financial policy, you know, the person who got us in this mess in the first place. So teabaggers, here is a couple of questions I have for you;

1. How does it feel to be used and abused by the Republican party, kinda like how McCain used the Pumas. What you got was a party who pretty much destroyed this country with their failed policies and after a two year break, re-branded themselves as outsiders and found just the idiots who would believe them…YOU!  How does it feel to be so STUPID?!

2. As your candidates that you fought so hard for are cutting your Social Security and your Medicaid while giving massive tax breaks to their rich friends, what will you do? How will you survive with no house, no income and no health insurance? What will you do Teabaggers?  You think that crazy Michelle Bachman or that Lunatic Rand Paul are gonna step up and go against the establishment? Is Sarapac gonna throw a money bomb your way?

In my opinion, you and the Republicans deserve each other, enjoy the next two years as your supposed saviors become the reason why you are homeless, jobless, sick and penniless…..lol!


~ by Obotinchief on November 6, 2010.


  1. Not that I would like that to happen to anyone, stupid people voting for stupid things must really burn.

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