A House of Cards


Over the last few days I have witnessed something that has happened to many Puma blogs in the past and is now happening to the infamous of all Puma blogs Hillbuzz. Pumapac, The Confluence and now Hillbuzz are run by self centered, bi-polar and sometime crazy people who will stop at nothing to feed their God complex by lying, cheating, and swindling the very people that have put them up on a pedestal. All these blogs have 3 things in common that stand out,

1. I am right and you are wrong so pay me

2. Everyone is against us and I need money to defend you and I against “Them”

3. Dissension of any kind is not tolerated

Now I could probably go on and on about how these blogs are similar put that would require too much time and effort, besides I am sure you already know what the similarities are.

Pumapac’s house of cards fell down long ago after many failed attempts at action that never materialized, Buses to Denver? Also the calls for the proper FEC paperwork went unheeded proving that all that money that Murphy collected went into her house remodel and/or was and still is unaccounted for. Swindled and cheated, most commenters have left and only a few are left echoing the same thing over and over again..sad

The Confluence was next after everyone figured out that Riverchucky was probably Meatprods sockpuppet or vise versa and many regular posters and commenters could no longer take the constant defense of what was an obviously misogynistic resident clown. One of their best posters finally had enough and left with Riverchucky scrubbing her site like the girl had a disease.

Hillbuzz is the latest house of cards to come tumbling down after the Bi-Polar owner of the site, Kevin Dujan had a breakdown calling out his conservative base for being lazy and unpatriotic towards the USO which obviously is a lie and hit a nerve with many patriots, who had previously decided to look the other way when considering whether to join Dujan in his efforts to bring down the Democratic party and get Sarah Palin elected to the highest office in the land.  Eventually like the site mentioned above, a majority of the followers got smart and put 2 and 2 together to uncover the real man behind the curtain as a two bit hustler and con-artist whose only mission in life was to be worshiped and to make money while doing so.  Dujan made countless dollars by playing the victim of some left wing conspiracy which was never there, this blog being one of the one’s blamed for trying to destroy him through some grant for George Soros and David Axelrod, I wish!  All the money and no results, that is the bottom line folks, NEVER give your money to anyone without asking for some kind of accounting for where it is spent. I can Guarantee that Dujan has none of that, just ask him, you donated it’s your right to know how your money was spent!

Look, we may have our political differences and some of you may have been involved in my attempted outing, sending threatening e-mails and attempting to hunt me down,  however I forgive you. I’m just happy that finally you have come to your senses to realize that Kevin Dujan is just a wolf in sheeps clothing who wants your money, the Nigerian scam artists have more credibility than that asshole.

For more on the Hillbuzz story in detail please visit this link

UPDATE*** Many of Hillbuzzes best and brightest commentators and posters have moved on and started their own site, out of respect for their privacy I will not post the site link here but if any of them would like to do so in the comments please feel free.


~ by Obotinchief on November 18, 2010.

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  1. Hope you don’t mind me doing an Amy, but for those who were conned I did a guide as to what to do about it


  2. I am sure I know Meatprod’s true identity. Saving it for a rainy day.

    • Hey Brad, welcome, it’s great to hear from you again, I hope you and your family are doing well! If anyone knows the clowns true identity I am sure it must be you, I mean having to spend as much time around them as you did I am sure you have plenty of dirt you may one day share or not. Have a Merry Christmas!

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