Enough is Enough!

The above title should really read faces of hate however to keep with the theme of the last post I kinda had to leave off the “s”  Anyhow, the first “FACE OF HATE” post was the one that a certain asshat at a certain snarky blog deemed going off the rails and it featured none other than Darragh Murphy after she posted a article calling for the bombing of Mecca, which would no doubt result in the killing of countless innocent muslim men, women and children. I thought that had crossed the line so I posted her widely distributed picture with a drawing of the word hate, picture above, underneath it and labeled the post ” FACE of HATE”. That post was my going off the rails moment which resulted in me being banned from a place I respected up until that moment. The way I see it, you preach HATE, I in turn call it out and make you answer for your opinion, did I expect so much vitrol from like minded people? Nope, I never knew the snarky pals would cave into pressure from meatprod,  someone they despised, who threatened their little get together with violence because of my post. Months later something would happen during this month, a little over a year ago which would result in calls for violence against me, a good friend of mine and that asshat blog owner. I am in the process of putting that together for a post later this month so all I will say is this, whenever you call for violence against anybody, there is always some wackjob out there listening to you that just received the excuse his deranged mind needed to carry it out.

When I wrote that first post about Murphy, it was a reaction to her post about bombing Mecca and her constant calls for violence against Islam and Muslims.  This time Murphy is irrelevant when it comes to the bigger picture, you see a much much larger face of hate has taken her place and if people like us don’t come together to say enough is enough, there will be many more AZ type shooting in our future and unlike Murphy, Islam isn’t the target but everyone who thinks differently than they do are.  I bring you what I consider to be the faces of hate in the video below….am I wrong?

That 9 year old girl’s blood is on your hands teabaggers.


~ by Obotinchief on January 9, 2011.

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