“Du” DAY

I wanted to wish everyone a happy “Du” Day, for those of you who have no idea what “Du” Day is, just have a look at this link,  http://www.rumproast.com/index.php/site/comments/a_faq_about_hillbuzz_vs._rumproast_and_me/ , while I come up with a commentary of my own. You will see that for some of us it was really a shitty day but for some it was just too much fun. I was not in the latter group…..  Have a Happy Sunday!



So I had this whole lengthy post drawn up, almost longer than a Kevin Dipwad post but maybe about 2 lines shorter about the whole mess that happened a year ago yesterday. I was just about to post it last night when I began receiving a flurry of email from people I know and some I don’t asking that I just let sleeping dogs lie. I wrote back that no one really heard my side of the story, especially how people on my side of the proverbial aisle had so readily thrown me and my blog under the bus when I really had nothing to do with the whole thing. I wanted to finally lash out at these people with all the proof I had, screen shots included that had shown that they provoked dickspuzz and crew long before the Bigotbasher easily looked up the owner of that site using a basic whois search. I wanted to show everyone through my screenshots and copied comments that the people who all of a sudden went running for cover throwing Bigotbasher and myself in front of the explosions happening around them were the only people responsible for what happened that day. Bigotbashers post that day was just what the buzzers needed to raise much needed cash for their ailing brand. I could show the outright hypocrisy in the words of the people doing the throwing, people who I thought were on our side yet when push came to shove it was they who never ever ever ever talked about Hillbuzz in a bad way, let alone god forbid expose the owners real name, even though all it took was a simple search on the net…No not them because they would never do something like that, it’s against their moral code, I even heard once that they don’t make fun of weight or appearance, luckily I have many screenshots of them doing just that. How about this title for a post;  “Darragh Murphy is a Racist Asshole”  by all accounts you would think I wrote that title but no it was definitely one of them, I think that is pretty much off the rails don’t you think?  But yet a double standard was in place when I supposedly went off the rails in a post entitled “the face of hate”  So Racist Asshole is ok yet face of hate isn’t?  I have to end it here because I will let sleeping dogs lie, hell I will even let a few asshats get a bit of rest.


~ by Obotinchief on January 23, 2011.

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  1. The right were also quie prepared to repeat te crazed outing of a bogger when they went after Kos diarist BoyBue.

    I have to say last year was not a good time for me either but I have learnt a lot from it and I would handle it all very differently now (I certainly would go straight to the police this time).

    Dujan is a corrupt piece of shit. However because he panders to bigots, birthers and Neo-Nazis they lap up every one of his overly long posts.

  2. This remains my resonse to the conman bigot


  3. Lol at Bridget – the drag name for Dujan.

  4. Personally I would say that you have every right to make your point. The way you were treated was disgusting. You had nothing to do with me asking a follow up question on RRoast about the link Dujanhad with anti-gay Ugandan bigots (from the whois info) or the article I published about Scott Brown which is what set Duan off on his money grabbing cyber stak excerise that had every blog from the Freepers to Michelle Malkin looking to find either you or me.

    What is sad is how he did it again with the Kos diarist BoyBlue, who he accused of being connected to the Tucson shootings. A diarist who already reported suffered from severe depression, severe enough to lead him to attempt suicide. That fact did not bother Dujan nor did it bother any of the other blogs that repeated his lie.

    Dujan is a liar and a real cyber-stalker. The more truth there is about him, maybe, just maybe one less person will be taken in by him.

  5. I think it was a learning experience for all of us, I learned that those on the left can be just as shady, hypocritical and ignorant as those on the right. You can put lipstick on an Asshat however he is still an Asshat.

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