The Tea Party Wags the Republican Dog.

An article today talks about how the Tea Baggers have hijacked the Republican party and are pretty much insisting on calling the shot’s however the Republican big wigs at the top and in the press have sent a message loud and clear that we will not kowtow to crazies, even if you did help us get elected and get high ratings. It started with a rebuff of the lead crazy Bachman and her response to the state of the union;

The G.O.P. grandees’ consternation was palpable. Earlier in the day Bachmann had dispatched an e-mail announcing that her speech would be carried live by Fox News. But when the time came, Fox relegated the live feed to its Web site, forcing viewers to scurry to CNN, of all places, and delaying its own television recap until after prime time in the East. Rupert Murdoch’s other major organ, The Wall Street Journal, toed the same line, burying Bachmann’s speech in a half-sentence in its print edition the next morning. By then, John Boehner, seconding the disdain of Eric Cantor, was telling reporters that he hadn’t watched Bachmann because of “other obligations.”

What were they all afraid of? The answer cuts to the crux of the right’s plight less than three months after its supposed restoration. Having sold itself in 2010 as the uncompromising champion of Tea Party-fueled fiscal austerity, the enhanced G.O.P. caucus arrived in Washington in 2011 to discover that most Americans prefer compromise to confrontation and favor balanced budgets in name only.

Can the Republican keep the Tea bagger tail from wagging the dog? I think not but only time will tell…read the whole article here.


~ by Obotinchief on January 30, 2011.

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