Darra$h Murphy explains the PUMA “movement”

Unedited, straight from the horses mouth.

murphy 02.02.11 at 11:43 pm 

I met a black person for the first time when I was 7 years old. She was about my age. My father had hired her father to do some work for him because he had seen his daughters in the playground in the middle of winter with no jackets on. He got some jackets from my mother and her sisters (we were pretty broke too and kids got jackets/boots once a year or two) and he took me to come along, probably because he was embarrassed and wasnt sure about his rights or his ability to dispense charity. My father knocked on the door and the other father answered. We went up. The mother was in the kitchen cooking something in hot water and the apartment was warm. There were grandparents there. They had shaggy wall to wall carpeting and the brother and the sister were lying on the floor in frontof the television watching a real live happening now television show.

I was overwhelmed with jealousy. They get everybody and everything I thought! Two parents. A brown leather couch. A grandfather who indulges them and a grandmother who is there when they get home from school – just for THEM, no cousins. A father who lets friends come in and join in the dinner. I thought my family was mean, small, and stupid. Not allowed to watch TV, a grandmother who was tiny and mean and no more interested in me than she was in the other cousins. A grandfather who had to husband his love bc he knew his options were limited. And so I always knew his love of me was a calculation rather than a revelation.

I think my father realized that he had misjudged. They didnt need his charity any more than he needed theirs. WHich is to say they probably needed each other. He was probably embarrassed.

which is no excuse.

But they had a video game and I was consumed with jealousy. I never met a black person again until I went to Boston Latin School in 1982.

Explains a lot. Of course the tens of thousands of dollars pumped in to the PUMA “movement” before the 2008 General Election will never be explained (all of it drying up – pretty much the day after).

Now, shortly before the Republican Primaries, that other supposedly ex Democrat gone Palin con artist / web stalker is getting mucho cash and kudos from the American right.


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  1. There was another such moment over in the Effluence comment thread recently. The subject was the halting in momentum of the Egyptian uprising.


    Katiebird said:
    “I hadn’t thought of “making your enemies hesitate is crucial to undermining their momentum. It’s a strategy similar to those maneuvers where you use the other persons momentum as a weapon”

    And then riverdaughter said:

    “Sort of. It was the strategy that the Obots used in 2008 to undermine Clinton’s campaign. Remember “It’s the math!”? That message came out right after SuperTuesday. They made her sound like she was already behind when she had just beat the pants off of Obama in the biggest states. It was *just* enough to give people pause. Suddenly, she wasn’t the frontrunner anymore. She became the underdog. It was just a moment in time. A tiny blip. But it crippled her momentum going on.”

    Imagine the hide of the Obama campaign saying that the candidate with the most delegates would win the nomination! And of course we all remember how Obama struggled to win all those big states come November. Sure the PUMA ‘movement’ always was just about plain old racism. The idiocy of their logic has always been in plain sight but in these examples their own words damn them.

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