IOSAT Price Gouging

First of all sorry for the time between postings, right now is a busy time of the year for me and I hardly have the time to write about the fast developments happening around the world, as the campaigns start to get going I will be writing more about the candidates from all 3 parties as well as counteracting any false puma claims should they spring to life. In the meantime you will have to get your periodic puma updates from the unknown comic over at the asshats site.

The other day I heard an interview on the radio from the manufacturer of IOSAT, the anti-radiation Potassium Iodide tablet that is approved by the FDA for use in case of a Nuclear Radiation Emergency. He stated that his supplies were sold out and they were struggling to produce more and that 80% of his orders have been shipped to the West Coast! As of today a 14 day treatment for one person on Ebay is going for $500!!! Let me say this again, one full 14 day treatment for an accident that in all likelihood will not affect the West Coast of the United States is being sold for $500!! The manufacturer has the same pack listed for $10! I was thinking the other day that there is no way some wack job Tea Bagger candidate can step up and challenge Obama for his job but after seeing people react to false rumors by buying up all the IOSAT at close to $500 I am not so sure anymore that these gullible people cannot be tricked into voting for a fear monger Tea Bag candidate. Do we have any sane people left in this country? Jeesh!


~ by Obotinchief on March 17, 2011.

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