The 2012 Election season is upon us!

FAIL? Always!

So lately I have been thinking alot about the upcoming election and how I was going to cover it here at I have pretty much stayed away from all PUMA sites, mainly to keep my own sanity but mostly because they have become so boring and redundant. I’m secretly hoping that maybe that might change as they realize that the Rethugs have no answer for Obama. I really want to see who they throw their weight behind, you know all 18 million of them, so that a clear loser will be defined depending on who they pick. If they really want Obama to lose they should swallow some pride and fully support him, after all everything they touch turns to shit. Who will they support when Sarah Palin decides that showbiz is alot more lucrative? Is it Michelle Bachman? Who will they support when she drops out after her first primary loss? Can the support someone like Mitt Romney? In the meantime while I am awaiting their ringing endorsement I will venture once again into the PUMI swamp and past the best comments or quotes of that day. Wish me luck as the last time I spent any extended time reading puma commenters I just about had to check into rehab. Let’s start with this one from HP Boston and Dances with Pumas;

Oh HP, how I have missed your masculine rants….

HP Boston 03.30.11 at 6:18 am

OMG I heard some asshole talking dickhead on my local TV station trying to blame Hillary for Osuckdogs wars. Lamenting women in power are war hungry now that they HAVE power in the process! I would love to kick that asshole in the balls!!!

And Dances with Pumas, your not so veiled racist comments have been missed as well…

DancesWithPumas 03.30.11 at 9:53 am 

You’ll never hear that same guy lamenting Black men in power are war hungry now that they HAVE power in the process!
That’s because half of Blacks belong to the penis club, also because the same guy knows he’d have his head handed to him if said anything like that about blacks, literally and figuratively.

Hopefully the above comments quenched your puma thirst, I promise to get back to the original purpose of stupidpumas for the near future, making fun of the stupid things that PUMA’s say, stay tuned, check back often and enjoy the insanity as the election draws closer!


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  1. Don’t you just love the multi thousand $ shillbuzz site

    More PUMA fail.

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