Daily Puma (Trump Edition)

Just when I thought people couldn’t get any more ignorant and stupid I read this today on the newswires;

“Birther and part-time Palm Beacher Donald Trump leads 2012 presidential field‎, plans tea party debut Sat. in Boca”


Are the Republicans that damn stupid to believe that Candidate Trump could be a viable option to beat Obama in 2012? I hope so! I remember when I was hoping that Sarah Palin would run and all sorts of crazy would be brought forward by those backwards thinking Tea Baggers and everyday Americans would reject them and her with big numbers during the General election, lo and behold those crazy ass people have gone one step further and moved the Donald to the front of the pack! I hope to God he wins the nomination for the GOP and really turns the Republican Tea Party into a bigger laughingstock than it already is!

Here is your Daily Puma, courtesy of DanceswithPumas;

DancesWithPumas 04.12.11 at 5:34 pm

We can’t even get women to stop using the term “bitch” on this website, let alone elsewhere. Fucking mind-boggling.



~ by Obotinchief on April 13, 2011.

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