DAILY PUMA (tea party fail edition)

Giving Sarah the Finger in Wisconsin

Visiting some relatives in Wisconsin I got a urgent call from the ObotinChief saying that Sarah the quitter Palin would be in my neck of the woods. Even though I had plans with my dear Aunt and Uncle, they decided to alter them to accompany me to the Tea Party rally, they needed a good chuckle and with all the misspelled signs all but a guarantee, it was going to be a regular comedy show. As we arrived at the protest, we were more than surprised to see 10 times as many protesters against the tea party than  for them. I really wanted to see a strong showing by those that cannot spell but was pleasantly disappointed by their weak showing, I guess Sarah just doesn’t get the draw like she used to now that the Donald has taken the reigns of the crazy train. I got to see both Sarah and that sleaze ball Breitbart get booed, heckled and interrupted by non-stop cow bells which we all found hilarious. All this drove Breitbart to yell at the crowd “Go To HELL! Go To HELL!”  Sarah Palin stepped up next and pretty much stuck to script ignoring the crowd and spouting off like she was talking in front of a Tea Party crowd which it definitely was not. My relatives where more than proud of their fellow Wisconsinites as they soundly rejected the craziness of the tea party and their ilk. Way to go Wisconsin!!


~ by donnabrazz on April 18, 2011.

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  1. Hmmm….I’m going to have to see if I can find a cowbell somewhere here in New Jersey, LOL. Go, Wisconsin!

    • I love the fact that people are turning against these wacko’s all over the country.

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