DAILY PUMA (Blast from the past edition)

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So I was digging through some of the most memorable comments by what you would call the OP’s Original Pumas, this is what I found;

Jenniforhillary 1.28.09

I will vote straight Republican, did you hear that fuckers!?!?!? Straight Republican!

Antifish 1.15.09

I had to show them pictures of Michelle Obama to scare the shit outta them!

GopumaGo 11.28.08

I believe the Donofrio lawsuit will declare Obama ineligible and Hillary will become President.

Pumabear 2.21.09

Obama would not have been elected without the ugly hateful music known as rap that has made it easy for white youth to identify with black men.

Murphy pumapac.org founder

White people are not to blame for black poverty in America, all the bad guys are black.

Harriet Christian co-founder of puma

Obama is an inadequate black male!

With the exception of the Harriet Christian quote above, all other comments were taken from the pumapac.org website and blog.

Boy I miss the good old days when the most racist and vile pumas would comment and provide an endless stream of wingnut comedy, will they be back for 2012? One can only wish…..


~ by Obotinchief on April 20, 2011.

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  1. Truly enjoying this blast from the past. I hadn’t thought about the P.U.M.A.s in forever. Then, someone on HuffPo asked who are the 10% of Democrats who believe the Birther myth? When I answered there were some rabid Hillary Clinton fans who might qualify, someone got upset– thinking I meant ALL Hillary Clinton supporters were rabid. Oh, how soon we forget, LOL. The P.U.M.A.s were so off their rockers, they made for some really great television. I mean, how much more racist could you get, then vowing to support Sarah Palin over Barack Obama! And to think some of those people are talking about voting for Donald Trump in 2012? Now that’s serious comedy. I’m telling you, I hope they make a comeback. I look forward to popping popcorn, sitting back on the couch, and watching the goon show.

    Thanks for not letting us forget.


    • Thank you for the comment Faith, it’s always nice when someone appreciates what you do! As long as the PUMA’s are still around spewing their hate then I will be around to comment on it and every time one of them runs for public office, I shall remind them of what they said and inform the voters in case they don’t know.

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