DAILY PUMA (Teabagger update edition)

See what happens when Pumas evolve?

I don’t know what more hilarious, a grown man dressing up like a Colonial Era Drag Queen ready to take on the best of the best on Ru Pauls Drag Race or putting on your favorite Capt’n Crunch Costume on Halloween and liking it so much that you never take it off for fear of having to actually grow up and move into the 21st Century. Get over yourself Mr. Temple or Miss Temple if you prefer and leave the gays alone, you’ve already done enough damage to this country and the true image of what that day meant way back on December 16, 1773, you sir are an embarrassment to what you supposedly represent….Oh yeah, go to hell.

Temple, who addressed the audience in his trademark colonial garb…offered a long list of things the Republicans could do that would lead the “tea party movement as a whole” to “possibly forgive Boehner and the House Republicans a small bump in the debt limit.”

On the list was keeping the front lines of America’s wars as free of openly gay people and women of any sexual leaning as possible:

“When the Pentagon’s own studies show that military effeminization may have an extremely costly impact on recruiting and retention, when Islamists have shown their willingness to sexually brutalize American female reporters, why would John Boehner’s House Republicans be caving to political correctness? Why would House Republicans who know better be fostering inappropriate attractions in the intimacy of tents, bunks, barracks, platoons, subs, tanks, convoys, cockpits, latrines, showers, toilets and locker rooms when we are fighting wars in three Muslim nations?”

I know I said this already but Go To Hell……



~ by Obotinchief on May 10, 2011.

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