PUMA FAIL (The end of Pumapac Edition)

The end of pumapac?

Could this be the end of Pumapac? The political action committee that so gloriously crashed and burned during the 2009 Presidential race. Murphy’s absolute refusal to file any paperwork to the FEC explaining where the hard earned money that her members donated to her was actually spent, has finally led the FEC to designate pumapac as Unauthorized to function as a PAC and has listed it as NON-QUALIFIED. In explaining this move the FEC pretty much said, we are tired of sending you reminder letters that go unanswered so we are not going to waste any more of our time on your worthless organization. It also states that any support from pumapac for any political candidate will automatically require the PAC to be in compliance with the FEC’s rules and require it to provide past due reports that were initially waived with this provision.  As the election season nears it’s gonna be interesting to see if pumapac will support any candidate for President therefore violating  it’s non compliant status, if so we will be the first to give the FEC a call. Bye Bye pumapac.

FAIL? Always!


~ by Obotinchief on May 14, 2011.

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