Romney vs. Perry is the GOP’s Religious War.

Opening Salvo.

With the announcement of Rick Perry’s entry into the race for the GOP Presidential nomination the news networks were tripping all over themselves trying to determine who was now the true front runner. Pastors all over Texas were calling Romney’s religion a cult while leaders in Utah argue that their prophet is the true prophet and everything else is just speculation and hyperbole. This religious war is just beginning and should get more heated as Perry fires up his Evangelical base against Romney and his cult, should get interesting…


~ by Obotinchief on August 13, 2011.

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  1. Dr. Jeffress, go ahead and join the liars! I have been LDS for 31 years, and everyone who knows me, my family, my friends, and my enemies alike, knows that LDS ARE Christians! You lower yourself when you make public statements about what someone else has told you. I used to be Baptist and I remember that even Baptists in Vacation Bible School, taught to not judge others. Jesus the Christ will be judge enough for ALL of us – He actually KNOWS which of us are true believers, AND WHICH ARE NOT.

  2. I personally find most Christian beliefs to be weird. Even then, I have been to Mormon, Evangelical, and many other services. The evangelical services were scary. People yelling, and others falling on the floor and screaming gibberish (supposedly talking in tongues). The Mormons on the other hand were boring and uneventful, almost like Catholic services but less ceremonial. If anything, I think evangelical christians represent a real cult. I rank them right up there with alien abductees.

    • Hi North, thanks for the comment. I somewhat agree that some evangelical religions can seem cult like and weird however I think religion in general help people have purpose in their lives while creating a good social network or like minded people. It’s when any religion tries to push their views onto others through political or other means using monetary influence to restrict the rights of others. My family is Catholic, I try to live my life with Buddhist beliefs, I have friends who are from all types of religion but they share the same belief about staying out of others lives, anything other than that is rather cultist.

  3. North, I mean you no disrespect…..but I have a friend who doesn’t like excitement, he doesn’t like boredom, he doesn’t like ceremony, he doesn’t like non-ceremonious. I tell him that he is not looking for God, he is looking for his IDEA of God, when he actually has no idea of what God is. He is on a search for something that he will never be able to find. I guess he is an atheist? What do you think?

    • Here is my thought, most people have their own idea about God, belief in God is just that, a belief or faith, if anyone says they have found God then they are lying, by denying the existence of a God it makes you an atheist does it not? If your friend is searching then he is not yet there.

      • “…if anyone says they have found God then they are lying…”?? Who taught you that? Falsehoods like that are designed to lead people away from God. Whoever taught you that is trying to prevent you from ever finding God, and if it is just YOUR opinion, then you should recognize that YOU are trying to prevent yourself from finding God. Are you sure that is the direction you want to take?

        I am a scientist. The scientific method is part of my being. I have worked more than 30 years in medicine. I have found literal, scientific, objective proof of the existence of a real, living God. Not a warm feeling in my heart, and it possibly started with my faith, but the proof itself required no faith. It is objective, not subjective. I am not a liar. I AM NOT A LIAR!

  4. Why do you call on Him when you don’t even believe that He exists?

    • First of all Billbo, don’t put words into my mouth, I didn’t say He exist and I didn’t say He doesn’t exist, I said it is a matter of an individuals faith or belief, you said you have objective proof so good for you. This is a fairly liberal blog and I usually don’t allow Conservatives on here because I don’t care for them however you have been civil so far so I have approved your comments, let’s keep it that way.

  5. I have a conservative political blog, and there allow ALL posts that have the minimum bit of respect. So far, I have not denied ANY post. The blog so far has been only political, but I am just as committed to my religion as I am to my politics. But I feel more comfortable with public political discussion than I do with public religious discussion.

    I only came to this site because I had Googled Dr. Jeffress’ post, and could not let that stand presented as “truth”. It’s easy for me to read differing opinions, but not easy for me to remain silent. LDS believe requires our allowing ALL others their free agency to make their own choices, but that no one can avoid the consequences for their choices, or listening respectfully to other people’s different choices. Let me know if you prefer that I didn’t come to this site any more.

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