Huntsman Comes Out Swinging.

Everyone knows my dislike for the current crop of Republican Candidates, I personally think most of them are backwards thinking wingnut loons and the proof is in the pudding, they speak for themselves so the evidence is there. You can be crazy and out there and still attract who you need to win your party’s nomination however I can pretty much guarantee that you will not win a General Election with views such as what Perry, Bachmann and Palin currently hold. In order to win you have to appeal to a wide swath of Americans, not just your wingnut base. I had no idea such a person existed until this weekends interview with Jon Huntsman, I actually found myself thinking that If he wins the nomination I would vote for him, after all I did vote for Reagan so it’s not unheard of to vote Republican for me, however it’s pretty much a given that the Republicans will screw themselves over and nominate a crazy and I gotta tell you, I would pay half of my paycheck in taxes just to keep Bachman, Palin and Perry out of the Whitehouse! Check out some of the Huntsman interview below, the man has some ideas and he’s intelligent to top it off.


You can find the transcript of the whole interview HERE.


~ by Obotinchief on August 22, 2011.

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