Rumproast’s Fundraiser for StrangeAppar8us

Rumproast’s Fundraiser for StrangeAppar8us

StrangeAppar8us’ favorite self-portrait, which he titled “Lord Of The Vanes”

Regulars and friends of Rumproast who have been following along know that our dear friend, co-blogger, and mainstay, StrangeAppar8us, has been grappling with a serious illness. We have kept the exact details of his illness from our readers out of respect for his privacy (and that of his family), but now we can let you know that StrangeAppar8us suffered a severe traumatic brain injury on November 3rd. It is true that he is out of danger. He has already undergone one operation that went very well. He is able to speak, hold very short conversations, and his motor skills seem to be unaffected. His wit, intelligence, and the core sweetness of his character are also intact. It’s true that he is showing some improvement every day, but he is still hospitalized and has a permanent disability as a result of this injury that will require years of rehabilitation. We are heartbroken to report to you that his vision has been affected, and he is blind.

Rumproast, our jolly little blog, has been incredibly lucky to have been graced by Strange’s wild, weird, magnificent writing and wicked sense of humor. He has been a huge part of this blog since he first arrived as a commenter here back in August of 2008. We miss him terribly.

We know that we’ll never raise enough money to offset Strange’s massive hospital bills or pay for the extensive rehabilitation that will be required, but we’d like to do whatever we can financially to help our good pal out. Hopefully, with the help of the blogging community, we can help get enough money together to buy Strange specialized computer equipment so that he can start writing again (the guy has a helluva autobiography in him!), a companion dog, or anything else to make his transition as easy as possible.

Even if you weren’t familiar with StrangeAppar8us’s writing we hope that you’ll consider donating whatever you can afford by clicking the button below. If you did have the honor of “knowing” Strange, we’re sure no prompting is necessary.

Rumproast blogger marindenver is in the process of getting a proper fund set up for Strange and all donations made through PayPal will be rolled into that fund when it’s set up. We’ll update everyone on Strange’s progress as time goes on and down the road we plan on compiling some of his best work into an eBook (or two). If you have any favorite quotes or posts by Strange, please post them in the comments below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please donate what you can.  StrangeAppar8us is a standup dude, and he deserves the best that he can get. We’d greatly appreciate it if you help us make that happen.

—Mrs. Polly, Kevin K. and the rest of the crew at Rumproast

p.s. We’d appreciate all of the help we can get spreading the word about this fundraiser. Please distribute the link to this post (TinyURL: to friends/family via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and, if you’re a blogger, we’d be extremely grateful if you would post about this effort. Many thanks in advance!

UPDATE from marindenver:  I’m working on a more permanent fund to be set up at a bank.  We’ll have a P.O. box number for those who don’t want to use online donations and, if I understood the guy correctly at the bank, they will set up a webpage which will let people make donations directly into the account.  As Kevin said above, we’ll consolidate the PayPal donations into the new fund.  Thanks so much for your support everybody!

***WARNING!!***  If you would like to donate to the StrangeAppar8us Fundraiser please enter the following URL into your browser:  DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IN THIS POST!! The CLASSLESS ASSHAT who owns that blog has long had a redirect from this blog that takes you to one of his favorite porn sites when a link to his blog is clicked. I have always had major respect for StrangeAppar8us and his fight against the Puma and I wish him the best of luck on his recovery, please donate what you can to help in his time of need. Thank You!


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