Mitt Romney is a LIAR!

I know I know, it is a wide known fact that Mittens is a liar but Jesus Christ on a pogo stick can he make it any more obvious that he’s a lying sack of monkey dung? During the Sunday morning debate Mittens lied with a straight face while defending the use of SuperPacs to do his bidding saying that he had never seen the commercials released against Newt, then changing his tune to say that the ONE that he did say only spoke the truth about Newt, then he again changed his mind and pretty much talked about the content of all the commercials defending them as truth but hey he never saw them and didn’t have anything to do with them…Huh?!  A small lie yes but if he can lie so easily on National TV even with so much time to prepare for such appearance, what else is Mittens hiding?   By the way, he loves FIRING people!


~ by Obotinchief on January 9, 2012.

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