Darragh Murphy is still an IDIOT Edition….


It sure has been a while since I visited pumapac.org,  so I thought I would drop in to see what they have been up to since failing big time during the last election, not surprisingly nothing has changed in Dumbaugh Murphy’s little echo chamber. She still rails against Obama and his supposed anti-woman ways while also championing the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.  We always knew she was never a Democrat supporter but a Republican troll masking as a Hillary supporter.  Murphy is truly an idiot leading a  decertified  PAC on a mission to nowhere, I hate to even send a small amount of traffic her way, I mean with the 20 or so followers still left behind why give them any more exposure than need be. Here is hoping that once her boy Romney loses, Pumapac is thrown on the trash heap of history where it belongs…carry on my fellow Obama bots!


~ by donnabrazz on October 21, 2012.

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