Why are Tea Baggers listening to a Canadian?

Is it me or is it ironic that the man the Tea Party chose to lead it off the cliff is a Canadian with a Hispanic last name?…LOL! Ted Cruz played and continues to play you all for fools, even a majority of your own party thinks he’s crazy! I hope to God that he runs for President, check this out from Addicting Info;

ted cruz
In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Representative Peter King (R-NY) admitted that he holds the GOP responsible for the shutdown. He also blasted Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for insisting that he could keep the government up and running and still defund the Affordable Care Act (ACA), saying that was “a strategy doomed to failure. He also said, “you don’t take the dramatic step of shutting down the government unless you have a real strategy.”

Voice of reason?
In recent days, Rep. King has been a bit of a voice of reason in the debate over the shutdown. This is also not the first time that he’s blamed Sen. Cruz for the gridlock over the ACA and the shutdown. A week ago, he said that Sen. Cruz should be blamed if a shutdown occurs, along with anybody who follows him. He also said, in no uncertain terms, that he would not vote for a resolution that contained provisions for defunding or delaying the ACA.

The general public also seems to hold the GOP responsible for the shutdown, despite various tactics intended to shift blame to the Democrats and to President Obama. According to a CBS poll, 44% of people blame Republicans, while 35% blame Democrats. 72 percent of the general population disapproves of the shutdown. Yet, it has significant support from those who identify with the Tea Party.

A CNN poll released in the hours before the shutdown occurred indicated that most people thought Republicans were acting like spoiled children. Respondents were divided over whether the president is acting like a spoiled child or not.

It’s also been shown in recent days that the Tea Party wing of the GOP planned this for a very long time, and also that this might have been avoided if they hadn’t obstructed the normal legislative process by refusing to go to conference on the original budget resolutions. Given these revelations, it’s hard to argue with Rep. King, and others, who hold the GOP responsible for the shutdown.

King holds both Cruz and the GOP responsible for the shutdown
Rep. King is pretty much sick of Ted Cruz calling the shots for both houses, saying,

“I went along with the votes up until now because I know that John Boehner does not want to shut the government down, and I was assured this was a process to keep the government open. Now we’re down to the last 24 or 48 hours, and it seems we’re closer than ever to the government shutting down. I think Harry Reid should accept the proposal that was made. If he doesn’t I don’t want the government to shut down and I don’t see how I can vote again to any more amending to ObamaCare.”

“We have too many people in our party, it’s a minority, who are following Ted Cruz, and they are tying up the entire Republican party. The overwhelming majority of House members would vote to keep the government open. I’m tired of having Ted Cruz call the shots for the House Republicans.” [SOURCE]

He believes that they could have won a moderate battle, one that may have even been an actual example of compromise. Instead, the GOP is responsible for the shutdown, and the public knows it. King has joined a growing number of Congressional Republicans who have had it with the Tea Party wing.


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