What we are about

Hi there and welcome to Stupidpumas! First off let me say that this is not rubberneckers blog, johnd’s blog or obotinchief’s blog, no, this is all about my take, donna brazz on the wonderful expanding world of PUMA,  now most off you may have thought that PUMA was pretty much dead or confined to their own little echo chambers on the web and in most instances, this is true, however what we are talking about here is that PUMA attitude,  PUMA no longer just defines those bitter old racist Hillary supporters, most of them have gone back to knitting and playing bingo or have faded out into obscurity, yeah I’m talking about you Murphy.

PUMA pretty much describes any delusional person who thinks that anything they do will come true, are you hearing me Orly? You can be a birther, a teabagger, an OP (original puma), a freeper, a paultard, it doesn’t matter what you call yourself, because you all have one thing in common, you are delusional and somewhat insane and may I add, full of failure, ain’t that right pumapac? So this little blog is gonna throw a net far and wide to see what type of puma I can reel in, hell, the waters are chock full of puma just waiting to be discovered so please join me on this journey as I look for new puma species as well as revisit the old every once and a while, it’s gonna be fabulous!

Yours Truly,

Donna Brazz

Tallahassee, FL

2 Responses to “What we are about”

  1. Hey Donna

    just found U. F++cking New Agenda is censoring all my responses to the latest Palin Idoltry article – I got there once in a while and sometimes I have to post – while after I posted and got the PUMAs upset – TNA will not post my responses.

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